What is LinkMatch?

LinkMatch is a Google Chrome extension, which automatically shows which LinkedIn profiles are in your CATS database.
That way you don't have to manually check it for yourself.
Which makes it easier to connect with new candidates right away.

LinkMatch in action

View the complete CATS profile right from LinkedIn!

If you want to check the details of the candidate from CATS database, just click the green checkmark near the person's name, no need to switch to CATS page and search the database. Cool, huh? ))

LinkMatch integrating CATS profiles into LinkedIn in action

Edit and save CATS profile right from LinkedIn!

Moreover, you can even add the info to your CATS page!
If you want to edit or add some details about the candidates from CATS database, just click the green checkmark favicon near the person's name, edit all the fields you need and press "Save changes".
Could it be more easy?

LinkMatch integrating CATS profiles into LinkedIn in action

So, what you get

Less manual work

Save at least 2 hours per day

More candidates

2 times more of new connections every day

More placements

30% increase in annual billing


  • The most boring and disgusting thing was to check if a person already exists in our 40k candidates database. LinkMatch became my “magic cheat” to avoid manual work. If you want to be a recruiter, not a “copy-paster” LinkMatch is exactly what you need.


    Ruslan Migory

    Account Manager at AgileEngine
  • LinkMatch removed a lot of manual work and optimized my search process. It now serves as an essential component of my talent search on LinkedIn, allowing me to produce more results and save hours of my time every day.


    Oksana Lemets

    Account Executive
  • If you want to make your work faster and enjoy an extra cup of tea, you should definetely try this extension. Thanks to LinkMatch I save almost 2 hours in my search per day and there is no doubt that you want this additional time too.


    Alina Doroshenko

    Talent Executive

"Focus on what really matters, leave the manual work for robots."